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Beach Ride

Saturday 31st August 2019


Everybody is very welcome to join us on this fun trip to the beach.  We are planning to leave to ride the short road hack to the beach at 6pm.  Andrew Wickens will be there to photograph you all.

Parking in the field behind the Star Inn at Normans Bay.

Postcode BN24 6QG.


£10 per rider


For any more info please call Kate Miles on 07910361142.


Big thank you to Tracy Rumsey for allowing us all to park in her field. 

Charity Walk & Ride on the Pevensey Levels
Sunday 15th September 2019

9.30 am – 1.00 pm
Starting from Montague, Hankham Hall Road, Hankham,
Nr. Pevensey, East Sussex, BN24 5BB

Charity Ride Schedule.pdf
Adobe Acrobat document [332.7 KB]

A Tribute to the Late James Ramus
by Katrina Arnold


As the new Honorary President of the Coakham Bloodhounds, it is privilege for me to write a tribute to James who served as our President for more years than I can remember.


My history with the Bloodhounds dates back to 1988 and James joined us in the early 1990s, at which time the Ramus hunting contingent comprised octogenarian “Pop” Ramus who followed on foot and was hugely knowledgeable, James and Joy, his wife, and a very youthful Alex, who grew up to be our current Master Alex Wheeler.  Today James’s lovely grand daughters hunt regularly in our field and thus the dynasty continues.


James was a quiet, almost shy, man.  At first he seemed reserved and distant but that masked an incredible all seeing eye, quick and astute judgement, and a warm and friendly disposition both on and off the hunting field.


James let us make free with his farm.  Many a time we have enjoyed the orchards in bloom on our Spring rides and quietly cursed the sharp turns required at the end of the apple tree rows on wet winter days.  James viewed the country with the eye of the farmer and had a deep affinity with it and the hounds as they worked over it.


Even in his later years James liked to hunt at the front.  He was blessed with some excellent hunters and appeared fearless.  Never arrogant, he would encourage those having a wobble and probably saved many a day with his have a go attitude.  Indeed the newly established “James Ramus Give It Some Welly Memorial Award” sums him up perfectly and was awarded for the first time this year to Mrs Jane Baker for regaining her nerve on the hunting field after a nasty fall. 


I don’t think I ever saw James as anything other than even tempered in the field, even if ridden off or crowded. In that respect, and in so many other ways, he was a perfect hunting gentleman.


His will be large wellies to fill and I hope I will do his legacy justice.  I am sure he is already upfront in heaven, hands resting on his hunter’s neck, saying to St Hubert “they are all on, and they are right”.  We will miss him.

Hunt Merchandise

To order Hunt Merchandise text Lisa Baker on 07940071349, message her on Facebook or look out for her at forthcoming rides/hunts and other CBH events.

The Coakham Bloodhounds are one of the oldest Bloodhound packs in the UK, and they hunt over a wide area in Kent and Sussex. They hunt "the cleanboot" (ie the unadulterated human scent left by a man or woman running ahead of the pack). Hunting with a pack of bloodhounds is one of the least artificial method of hunting organised quarry, and, whereas a fox will run freely, a human quarry can make more effective use of the increasingly urbanised countryside. The hounds hunt by scent alone, unlike many other breeds of hounds that hunt by sight.

First Time Out?

Read our First Time Out Guide to help make your first hunt with the Coakham Bloodhounds both enjoyable and safe. 

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