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Sunday 22nd October - 12 noon

at Cherrycroft Farm Hertsmonceux 
by kind invitation of Miss C Richardson



Wednesday 25th October - 12 noon 

at Mountfield Park Farm, TN32 5LE

By kind invitation of Mrs Althea Berthon.

This will now be a Children's Meet, adults are welcome too.  Reduced cap of £20 for children and £35 for adults. This is a jumping day, you will need to be able to jump boundary fences.  More details to follow.



Unless otherwise indicated:

Single day cap adults - £45.  Single day cap for under 21 - £25.


 Please bring a signed disclaimer  form (below) if you have not already completed one this season:

Hunt Merchandise

Be smart for the Puppy Hunting season
Ties £18
Badges £3
To order Hunt Merchandise text Lisa on 07940071349
or buy them from Lisa Baker on the next hunt ride

Miss Jorrocks Reports From The Underriver Puppy Hunt


On Sunday 24th September hounds met at Underriver by kind permission of a number of gracious landowners.  The day dawned bright, and promised lovely weather - such that Miss Jorrocks did not mind getting up very early in order to be at the Meet on time.

Miss Jorrocks had made careful preparations the day before, and therefore there was little to be done first thing. Upright, washed, and dressed, Miss Jorrocks set about making a pot of coffee and toast for her breakfast. Being a lady of a certain age and of a nervous disposition Miss Jorrocks was somewhat anxious about her first outing of the season and eyed the bottle of cherry brandy on the counter with great interest. Miss Jorrocks wondered to herself whether drinking at 6.30 in the morning would indicate a "problem" or could be viewed as self medication. After all, reasoned Miss Jorrocks, cherries are fruit and one can have cherry yoghurt or cherry jam at breakfast so why not cherry brandy? In the end though, mindful of the drive, Miss Jorrocks opted for an industrial dose of Rescue Remedy.

A very early arrival at the meet Miss Jorrocks was assisted by a charming man called Dan who held the lovely Linford as Miss Jorrocks faffed and fussed and heaved herself aboard.  About 80 riders assembled and gathered round to hear Master Blagg's address. He gave clear instructions on the day, pointed out the film crew who had come to film us, and finally spoke movingly of Charlotte Bass who recently suffered a fall whilst schooling and is presently in the care of King's College Hospital. Master Blagg asked us all the sign a card for her and the whole company wished her well.

Then we were off for three short puppy hunts. The first was short, fast and furious and frankly for many of us a barely controlled bolt. Thereafter things settled down and became much more enjoyable. Indeed Miss Jorrocks enjoyed her outing on the lovely Linford so much that she felt obliged to seek out Abbie Buffy Hart, who supplied him, to enumerate in great detail his many excellent qualities. Abbie was most tolerant in the way one is of an over excited child. Or the village idiot.

By the third hunt Miss Jorrocks had drifted to the back and joined Gina Weare and her party who had an impressive array of hip flasks on offer. Well, by now, it was nearly lunch time so Miss Jorrocks felt it rude not to join in.

The day was not without its drama. There were one or two spills, and more than one person went home with a "note to self" about a stronger bit. All in all though the sun shone, hounds were on song, the Masters kindly, and the company convivial. What's not to like and there is a chance we will be on the telly!

Tweets from Coakham Bloodhounds @TheCoakham

The Coakham Bloodhounds are one of the oldest Bloodhound packs in the UK, and they hunt over a wide area in Kent and Sussex. They hunt "the cleanboot" (ie the unadulterated human scent left by a man or woman running ahead of the pack). Hunting with a pack of bloodhounds is one of the least artificial method of hunting organised quarry, and, whereas a fox will run freely, a human quarry can make more effective use of the increasingly urbanised countryside. The hounds hunt by scent alone, unlike many other breeds of hounds that hunt by sight.

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