The Coakham Bloodhounds are one of the oldest Bloodhound packs in the UK, and they hunt over a wide area in Kent and Sussex. They have been hunting "the cleanboot" since they were founded in the 1970s.  This means the hounds follow the natural scent of human runners who set off ahead of the pack - no other scent is used (whether animal or synthetic) and there is no killing involved - the runners just get licked at the end of each hunt.  


WHAT WE DO: A view 'from up front' is shown in the video  from the meet at the beautiful Folkington Manor in March 2022.  This video is a tribute to the late Nic Wheeler, MBH who passed away suddenly on Sunday 3rd April 2023, as it shows him working his wonderful pack of hounds close up.   Find out more by following us on Facebook, Instagram and TikTok.

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You must book in if you are a Subscriber or hunting on a Day Cap or 8 Day Ticket.  Please do this on the Coakham Booking Link below. 


Subscribers and 8 day ticket holders will be sent a unique 'coupon code' which is applied at checkout.


YOU MUST COMPLETE A DISCLAIMER for the season - you will not be allowed to hunt otherwise.  You will find the disclaimer on our SUBS PAGE  it should be sent (a scanned photo of the signed form is fine) to .

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Sponsor a Coakham Bloodhound


Actress and her friends are very hungry hounds!  She is hoping one of her famous Coakham Supporters will sponsor her for the 2022-2023 season and significantly help towards her food bill. 

Sponsorship is £250 and only one person/family can sponsor each hound - first come, first served.

View the hounds here, together with details of how to apply to sponsor:


As a sponsor you will receive:


  • A personalised and professionally printed Certificate of Appreciation, featuring your hound suitable for framing - photo by Nigel Goddard.
  • An opportunity to visit the kennels to cuddle your hound.
  • Bragging rights every time your hound is featured throughout the season.
  • Free unlimited Hi-Res digital images of your hound throughout the season from ARW Photography.
  • Entry into Sponsors Only prize draws throughout the season with a chance to win a full hunting subscription for the 2023-2024 season.

The Coakham Bloodhounds are one of the oldest Bloodhound packs in the UK, and they hunt over a wide area in Kent and Sussex. They hunt "the cleanboot" (ie the unadulterated human scent left by a man or woman running ahead of the pack). Hunting with a pack of bloodhounds is one of the least artificial method of hunting organised quarry, and, whereas a fox will run freely, a human quarry can make more effective use of the increasingly urbanised countryside. The hounds hunt by scent alone, unlike many other breeds of hounds that hunt by sight.

First Time Out?

Read our First Time Out Guide to help make your first hunt with the Coakham Bloodhounds both enjoyable and safe. 

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