Meet Card

For more information on each meet phone the Kennels on 07729034546 or 01435 830571, or check our Facebook group.


Single Day Cap - Adult £50.00

Single Day Cap – 18 yrs & under £30.00

Puppy Hunting – Adults & Children £20.00 (Free to subscribers)


For Subscription rates please see our SUBSCRIPTIONS PAGE

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We always meet at 12 Noon for the Opening Meet and all meets after that

(unless indicated otherwise)

Until we have had a chance to produce an amended meet card, forthcoming meets will be announced on the home page.  


Dear Subscribers and Followers,

Firstly, the Masters and Committee would like to thank you all for your continued and unstinting support. We plan to resume hunting with certain additional guidelines. Until further government review, we will be hunting in Tier 2 (Sussex) ONLY and will accept subscribers and ticket holders from Tier 2 ONLY. We are conscious that followers in Tier 3 (Kent) will be disappointed and we hope to review that as soon as the guidance becomes clearer. If we are able to hunt in Tier 3 (Kent) we will, subject to guidance, hunt in Tier 3 - but will be open only to subscribers and ticket holders in Tier 3. We do not condone the crossing to and from Tiers, per the guidance, and will be filtering at the booking in stage. We would appreciate your compliance. We will be publishing revised dates as soon as possible and, once again, thank you for your continued support. Master Blagg has kindly offered to take questions as he himself is in Tier 3 and will not be hunting until the guidance changes. We will take questions at our email and will pass them on – we ask that you do not trouble the Masters unnecessarily at this time. Meanwhile work continues uninterrupted at Kennels and we look forward to publishing Sussex dates very soon.

Masters and Committee

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